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Phototherapy – Targeted for Vitiligo, psoriasis etc

Targeted Phototherapy, also called Concentrated Phototherapy, Focused phototherapy and Microphototherapy, involves delivery of ultraviolet radiation directly focused on, or targeted at, the skin lesion. we do the best skin care treatment in Hyderabad.
Skin conditions that may be treated by Targeted Phototherapy include:

– psoriasis
– scalp psoriasis
– seborrhoeic dermatitis
– vitiligo
– cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma (mycosis fungoides)
– atopic dermatitis
– pityriasis lichenoides
– urticaria pigmentosa
– morphoea
– scleroderma
– hand dermatitis

Electrocautery and Radio Surgery

Electrocautery and Radio Surgery is used for removal of unwanted skin lesions such as wats, skin tags, any unwanted lumps and bumps, Desiccation of sebaceous gland disorders, epilation, etc.