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Manicure for hands and fingernails works wonders at enhancing their beauty as well as restoring the strength of the nails.

1. The Regular manicure

This is one of the most common and regular methods of manicure applied in most of the beauty salons.

2. Special Manicures

Hot Oil manicure

This manicure treatment is mainly applicable for people with dry hands and arms. Those who have over dry skin, dry nails and premature wrinkles on hands and arms, the procedure is just right for them.

Back Blitz

French Manicure is undoubtedly one of the most popular beauty treatments for the nails. The procedure basically involves the carry out of the regular manicure procedure followed by the application of nude or natural colored nail paint on the nails along with white colored nail paint at the tips.

Brazilian manicure

This is yet another natural manicure which is conducted by the application of natural moisturizers and gels. The treatment proves useful for those who want to increase the length and strength of the nails naturally.

Spa manicure

Essentially, in this kind of manicure, various salts and aromatic oils are thoroughly massaged onto the arms and fingernails.

Hot Stone manicure

This procedure is indeed an integrated beauty treatment for the nails. The entire procedure culminates a hand massage followed by the relaxing hot stone therapy.

Luxury manicure

As the name says, the procedure is a typical comforting and luxurious treatment for your precious fingernail and arms.


Pamper your toes and feet by indulging in a pedicure.

1. The Regular Pedicure

A regular pedicure is the most common type of treatment for your toes. This type of pedicure is suitable for people who prefer a simple and direct maintenance treatment.

2. Special Pedicures

French Pedicure

This type of pedicure is a popular trend among women. It has the same procedure as a regular pedicure. However, what makes it different is the style of application of nail polish.

Mini Pedicure

A mini pedicure is similar to a regular pedicure. This is actually more appropriate for busy people who don’t have a lot of free time but still want to have a clean and pretty feet. If are on a tight schedule and don’t really need a massage or an exfoliation, a mini pedicure is the way to go.

Chocolate Pedicure

If you are a chocolate lover, then you will certainly love this type of treatment. Using chocolate to treat your feet has numerous benefits. It serves as an antioxidant for your skin and effectively moisturizes your dry skin.

Hot Stone Pedicure

A hot stone pedicure involves a regular pedicure followed by an application of body polish to your legs and feet. It helps soothe the tired muscles of your feet.

Spa Pedicure

A spa pedicure is also similar to a regular pedicure but with additional services and benefits.

Ice Cream Pedicure

Most of you may have never heard this one before. An ice cream pedicure may sound yummy and interesting.

Waterless Pedicure

This treatment is simpler, safer, and more effective. It is hygienic and friendly to the environment.

Salt Pedicure

A salt pedicure uses salt and rock to efficiently scrub the skin and remove the dead skin cells.

Athletic Pedicure

This type of pedicure caters to the sporty and athletic clientele. If you regularly exercise then this type of foot treatment may just be for you.

Cocktail Manicure & Pedicure

Cocktails, considered as heady concoctions that set the mood, have now evolved into an invigorating fusion which pampers the skin, giving that all essential healthy glow. This cocktail range makes you feel the youthful suppleness in your skin. Highly effective natural ingredients are used to provide rich and pleasant feeling to the skin.

Mojito Manicure/Pedicure

Inspired by the Mojito — a classic Cuban cocktail that includes mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, white rum, and club soda — this service features natural ingredients that lift the spirit and energize the senses.

Margarita Manicure/Pedicure

This Margarita Spa Pedicure made with real tequila will become your favourite pedicure. The Tequila Lime Foot Scrub (made with real tequila) is incredibly refreshing as it exfoliates to brighten and soften the skin.

Tropical Paradise Manicure/Pedicure

Daily’s Piña Colada Mix, fresh pineapple slices, rose petals, bath salts, etc.