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Deep Detox Facial

Purge your skin of impurities with Deep Detox Facial. This treatment is excellent for acne-prone, oily or congested skin.


This exfoliation combines crystal-free microdermabrasion to remove dead skin and to improve skin conditions like congestion, acne lesions, pigmentation, and hydration.

Enliven Undertone Facial

The ultimate Pigment Reduction, Lightening and Brightening Therapy – A combination therapies that revitalizes your skin – removing those unwanted spots and leaving you looking fairer and smoother.

Red Carpet facial

Designed for those who need a glowing complexion on demand.

Thirsty Skin Quencher Facial

Designed for skin in need of deep hydration.

Age Smart

To reduce premature aging and supple up your skin.

Led Photocare Facial

The use of LED Light Therapy increases the production of ATP (the energy engine of cells) through concentrated beams of coloured light that penetrate deep into the skin.
Each LED Custom Facial is tailored to address your skin’s individual needs like wrinkles, expression lines, pigmentation, acne, hydration and elasticity.

Hydra Facial

HydraFacial is a non-invasive facelift to rejuvenate your skin and counteract signs of ageing.

Benefits of vampire face lifts: